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Rex-Anthony Annan

(Executive Director)

A Marketing Communications professional with over a decade of experience in media, advertising, public relations, television production and filmmaking. He is passionate about the use of film in telling stories and preserving our culture. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English & Marketing, Diploma in Communication Studies and is an accredited member of the Institute of Public Relations, Ghana. He worked with TV3 Network for almost ten years, then Dux Media Consult and he is currently the Chief Executive of Brandpower International, an advertising, television production and film company.

Tash Morgan

(Script Writing)

Tash Morgan studied T elevision and Screenwriting at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, where she won a number of awards for her work. Having begun here career on a voluntary basis as a production runner in 2005, by 2009 Tash was working for various international production companies, directing international-format reality TV and game shows, e.g. Deal or No Deal, Big Brother Africa, Master Chef South Africa, etc. and producing unique local productions. After some journalism work in Mozambique and Ethiopia, she relocated to Ghana in 2012 and moved into the corporate world. As Corporate Communication Officer for Finatrade, and its subsidiary companies, she works closely with senior management on internal and external communication projects. In her spare time Tash has lectured Screenwriting for Accra Film School, acted as the Deputy Head of Jury for the Gold Awards in Business Journalism, worked on a committee to arrange “Our Voices: Breaking Boundaries, Creating Change” as part of the Alliance Francaise d’Accra International Women’s Week program, and is also currently studying Public Relations through the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (UK).

Joe Lartey

(TV Presentation)

Joe Lartey, aka ‘Over to you’, is probably one of the most knowledgeable, well exposed and experienced broadcaster in Ghana. He joined the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation in 1961 as a Sports and Ceremonial Commentator. He quickly became a star and virtually the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ of the Ghanaian listener. He earned the sobriquet ‘over to you’ in recognition of the frequency and transitions in his stimulating commentary broadcast during the hectic days of the first republic.

When TV came to Ghana in 1965, Joe Lartey effectively presented the popular programme ‘Sports Digest’ till 1968, when he crossed the boarders to sojourn in Nigeria as a political refugee.

The Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) readily engaged him to continue his captivating sports and ceremonial commentary for eight years. He also taught at the program training school of the corporation.

In 1988, Joe Lartey crossed over to the editorial department of the Nigerian Chronicle, a top-notch monthly magazine and was appointed Accra city editor until December 1990, when he returned to Ghana for good and all.

Back home and in Limbo, Joe Lartey originated and presented the ‘Hall of Fame’, a scintillating GTV programme to commemorate distinguised veteran Ghana sportsmen and women. It was a huge success but was unceremoniously discounted after 15 months for unexplained political reasons. Joe Lartey has consuming passion for teaching and public speaking. He therefore founded the Joe Lartey School for Public Speaking in 1991 and the Accra Toastmasters International Club in 2006 to help people develop their presentation and leadership skills. Not only that, Joe Lartey has mounted numerous public speaking seminars and courses over the years.

The most recent was in Sefwi Wiaso on the topic ‘The Magic of a Spoken Word’. It was the first ever in that area and was a roaring success. Joe Lartey has produced a teaching CD titled ‘How to Make a Powerful Presentation’.

At 87, and still sojourning on, Joe Lartey, a veteran of the British Royal Navy (World War II), a product of the prestigious Westly College, Kumasi; a self made man; a gregarious and generous person easily a legend, married with several children and grandchildren, still teaches Presentation Skills and English at Accra Film School.

Periodically, he mounts self improvement seminars and courses for the young and old to the Glory of God.

Shum Owiredu

(Script Writing/Film Analysis)

Shum Owiredu is a young filmmaker currently employed at Brandpower International , Creative Storm Network and Accra film School. Shum initially pursued Animal Biology at the University of Ghana after which he pursued his cinematic dreams.

As such he considers himself to be part-scientist and part-artist. His skill set includes screenwriting, directing, story-boarding and editing. His career goal is to become a complete filmmaker. At Accra fllm school, Shum is the lecturer for Screenwriting and Film Analysis class.